Just to clarify – This website is owned by Brygida Smith and Adam Ellul. Many people talk about building websites, but others are people of action. This website hopes to enlighten, unite, and bring about action through unity, for the People of the CommonWEALTH.

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National Stand-Off

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CommonWEALTH for Australians United!!

C.F.A.U.  Believes if all Australians Unite and by means of a National gathering event in every state and Territory Nationwide, simultaneously we can achieve the following objectives:

Remove the current Corporate Government and by way of a National Election install a True De Jure Commonwealth Government of Australia.

Return the entire Judicial system to Common law as per the 1901 Australian Constitution.

Remove all foreign power by way of the United Nations Exit.

C.F.A.U.  Believes that the Australian people United can successfully achieve these three critical objectives. By doing so We The People of Australia United standing up peacefully for our rights, can move forward as The Great and Proud Nation that we are.
By restoring the 1901 Commonwealth Constitution of Australia, the Common-Wealth will be shared amongst all Australians  (Not Corporations)
This will allow for The Restoration and improvements on the following issues:

  • Freedom of speech
  • Foreign investment ban
  • Stop refugee intake
  • Protection of whistle blowers
  • Privatisation of all Commonwealth assets banned
  • Reduce or stop foreign aid
  • Ban the cash ban
  • Remove the cashless welfare card
  • Farmers assistance package upgrade
  • Water allocation reform
  • Exit Paris agreement
  • Family laws overhaul
  • NDIS program reform
  • Ex-veterans assistance upgrade
  • Homeless assistance upgrade
  • Domestic violence housing support upgrade
  • Mental health reform
  • Health system reform
  • Schooling system reform – safe schools program removal
  • Old Age Care and pension reform
  • Remove bank bail in laws
  • No compulsory Vaccination
  • Hemp oil and natural medicine reform
  • First Nation people representative to have voice in government
  • Stop income tax theft
  • Reform corporate tax to be accountable
  • Reform all industries and start Hemp industry
  • All commonwealth assets removed from corporate control and returned to the people
  • Promote Australian made and Australian produce
  • Support small business growth in Australia
  • Support trucking industry
  • And many more issues to be exposed……

C.F.A.U. Is demanding our true De Jure Commonwealth of Australia government to be re-instated via national election and the two party preferred system to be removed.

C.F.A.U. If fully aware that the current corporate government is not working in the best interests of Australia and the Australian people.
The current corporate government is not acting as a true democratic government, but is more aligned to a socialist/communist style of governance.


C.F.A.U. Main objective is to hold the corporate Australian government to account for their actions of treachery against the people of the Commonwealth of Australia.

The corporate Australian government has by stealth removed our rights by the removal of the 1901 Commonwealth Constitution by illegally introducing The Australia Act in 1986 and the Queen of Australia to replace Queen of The United Kingdom Elizabeth the II.

C.F.A.U. Has provided all the relevant information on this page required to show the People of the Commonwealth, exactly   what the Australian government has done for over 50 years via The Fabian style of gradualism to remove our (The peoples) Constitutional rights.

It is up to us now! The Commonwealth people united to stand up against this corruption, we have allowed this to happen and it is up to us to stand up and be counted and correct this injustice for our future, our children’s and grand children future!!

C.F.A.U. Believes if Australia returns to the Commonwealth of Australia under the true 1901 Commonwealth Constitution, we the people united can truly restore our great nation back to its former glory for all Australians now and forever.